In 1811, a man in Germany, more precisely in Ulm, dared to do what seemed to be unimaginable at that time: He tried to fly. Not with a Balloon, but with wings like a bird. Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger was known as the “Tailor of Ulm”. Berblinger has been smiled and mocked for his project but the German King wanted to know what it was about with this strange inventor and his even stranger flying object. One Day Berblinger, observed by a lot of spectators, stood on the bank of the Danube with his hang glider trying to fly over the river. Unfortunately the try wasn’t crowned with great success ending  up in the river. After all, a start was made.
Today – 250 Years later – we are flying for one thousand and more kilometers a day in our modern Sailplanes. Whether your Ambitions are long distance flights, competitions or just beautiful flying Holidays, we at glider charter provide you with such a modern Sailplane.

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The Airplane - ARCUS M

You will be absolutely convinced by the self launching high-performance double seater Arcus M. Flying the leading Sailplane in double seater class will be uncompromising fun. The Arcus is extremely agile, powerful and shows awesome harmonious gliding characteristics. Without risking an off-field landing you can fly to the most beautiful places on our planet. Flying together with your Partner in the Arcus means to double the joy while succeeding together.


• Basic instruments

• LX 9000 with stick remote control

• Powerflarm

• Radio and Transponder

• EDS Oxygen System

• Electric bug wipers





Georg Unseld – Shareholder and Managing Director

• Experienced and passionate Gliderpilot having several thousand flying hours in the books
• Participating at numerous national and international Competitions
• Tasksetter and Organizer of different Competitions on German national level

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Our Arcus M is stationed at the Erbach airfield. An airfield located about 10km southwest of Ulm.

Of course, transfers to a desired airport are also possible at an additional cost. All Prices on request

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